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I Can Temple

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Handmade candle holder.

Casted and sealed concrete base & laser-cut brass coated with epoxy lacquer.

  • Weight approx – 400 gr. ( 0.84 lb )
  • Base diameter – 13 cm  ( 5.1 in. )
  • Total height – 10.5 cm ( 4.1 in. )


A beautiful way to boost self confidence and your well being.

The temples series was born from a desire and vision to create beautifully crafted tools to benefit and empower your soul.

A unique and effective self belief tool.
Use it to quiet your mind & still your negative emotions,

Place it at eye level if possible, and while watching it let the word echo and resonate in you, as your breath is calmed by the gentle movement of the Stunning Shadows.
Allow the light to shift and re-balance your energy.
Sense a feeling of growth and empowerment.
Believe …

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Faith is the wind pushing your sail.
If you are striving to improve yourself, your life, how others see you and how you see yourself, it is important to understand the necessity of believing in yourself, the process and your vision.
Believe that achieving the change or goal you’re striving is possible, that you have unique skills and value to offer to this world.
Believe that you have the answers and the ability to overcome any obstacle or doubts in the future.
Know that you will receive guidance, and meet the right people and be aware of all the opportunities that will come along your path.
The strength of your belief in your abilities will determine your actions that will determine later the results you get.
If you believe you can and are worthy , you will feel a natural motivation to act and not give up facing any mistakes or delays. You will understand that they are just part of the process and that will allow you to continue to achieve what you want., Which, of course, will further strengthen your self-belief.

Read the full story of the temples here

An original and beneficial gift to offer yourself or your loved ones!
A perfect companion for goals settings and meditation !


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Each concrete base is hand-casted by me, using a very strong cement mixture.
After it is taken out of the mold and let to dry for a few days, its upper surface is carefully sanded.
The entire base is then covered and protected with two layers of a high quality sealer.

The laser-cut brass unit is cleaned and polished with sand paper. Then it is bent into its final shape, and is sent out to be coated with a transparent semi-matte high quality epoxy lacquer for full and long lasting protection.

Each base is unique and varies slightly in color and pattern, due to hand casting.
An EVA foam beneath the base prevents it from moving or scratching.

The product is well wrapped and protected in a box, with one candle and a lovely leaflet.

Take care. To stay safe, keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything flammable.
Blow out the candle if leaving the room.

Read the Relax Temple reviews to find out it’s beneficial effects on people.

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Additional Information
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 10.5 cm
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