The Story of the Temples and how to focus your self – development

By Eran Gal

The Temples series is a translation of my inner dialogue into matter and form.

The complex reality of my life a few years ago brought me to a personal and professional crossroads. There I came to the understanding that I must direct myself towards a new reality!

One of flow, satisfaction and self-realization, and towards a fundamental change in myself.

I needed a new way of looking at life and of interpreting it. I needed to challenge my beliefs, question my conflicts. I needed to focus!

I wanted to expand and grow, and to rediscover the magic of life and of myself.

I went on an inner journey, using whatever I could read, listen to or experience in the context of personal and spiritual development.

The journey has been fascinating and it never ends. I’m learning every day.

Walking my path feels more and more significant and the view only widens.

There is constant movement and it feels good and true.

As a designer, I had the desire to express in a creative way the major milestones of my journey.

The precise words that echo in my mind, empower me and are significant in helping me to focus on my journey and to strengthen my soul.

Word and light, enabling a direct dialogue with our subconscious, resonating within us, and changing our vibration.

The concrete base is our grounding anchor while a lit, bright, upper part expands our consciousness.

Body and Soul.

These are small temples to come and visit when you need to be focused and strong.

Feel closer to your abundant self, connected and attuned to something bigger in yourself.

Leave these temples when you are confident, charged and guided.

These Temples are your personal companion in the search for spiritual fulfillment!

Relax Temple

To motivate change, it is necessary first of all to silence the noise within,

Whether created from a passing event or from a life experience.

Only from the calmest place in us we can direct thoughts and feelings in our favor, shedding our angers, disappointments, conditionings and fears, so that we are able to observe and operate in the reality of our lives with renewed strength, mindfulness, and positivity.

Through physical, emotional and mental relaxation we can concentrate and focus on our creativity and thinking skills, helping them to be more accurate and beneficial to us and to those around us, and making us more aware of ourselves and of others, of opportunities and of solutions.

It will allow us to put the disappointments of the past behind us, to release our worry about the future and to concentrate on the best that can be derived from the present.

View the Relax Temple here

Dream temple

Any significant change begins with a dream.

It is the instrument of our imagination.

Dare to dream big. This is where all the magic can happen; it is the door to all possibilities and fulfillment.

Imagine your ideal future and feel it with all your senses, as if you are experiencing it right now.

Create your own movie. Be the screenwriter, director and hero.

Picture in details the setting and the plot.

This is your desired future!

Dream beyond your confining beliefs. Everything is possible there.

You can be, have or achieve anything you desire.

The more regularly you repeat in your mind the image of your desired future, the more the image will become clearer and  will fill you with excitement, and the more you will start attracting  situations, people and opportunities that  will help this image become a reality.

View the Dream Temple here

I Can Temple

Faith is the wind beneath your wings.

If you are striving to improve yourself, your life, how others see you and how you see yourself, it is important to understand the necessity of believing in yourself, in your process and in your vision.

Believe that achieving the change or goal you are striving for is possible, and that you have unique skills and value to offer this world.

Believe that you have the answers and the ability to overcome any obstacle or doubt in the future.

Know that you will receive guidance, and that you will meet the right people and be aware of all the opportunities that will come along your path.

The strength of your belief in your abilities will determine your actions and accomplishments.

If you believe you can and are worthy, you will feel a natural motivation to act and not to give up when you encounter mistakes or delays. You will understand that they are just part of the process, and that they will enable you to continue to achieve what you want. This, in turn, will further strengthen your self-belief.

View the I Can Temple here

Now temple

Our past does not necessarily determine our future.

The present moment is the only moment that exists.

At this moment we have countless options and we can choose from a place of intent, . Which will change for the better the next moments.

Now is the time to be present and enjoy the moment as much as possible, to give thanks for everything that exists despite the external circumstances,

Now is the time to be clear about your intentions, to set goals and work towards obtaining them.

Now is the only time that matters to create your future, and it is the right time to let go of past experiences and of the beliefs that have inhibited you.

Now is the moment to create the change, commit to it fully, and begin to ask yourself the right questions, and most important ones.

It is time to move out of your comfort zone, to focus, to relax, to  dream big, to believe in yourself, to allow, to be precise, to dare, to be present and enjoy the now, so you  can vibrate all that and unfold your desires.

Now is the most important time in your life. Live it as a deliberate creator  and not from  default.

Now is the time!

View the Now Temple here

You can view my entire Temples series here

Eran Gal
Good Moon Design

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